Online Shopping Lingo: Abbreviations and Acronyms

Visiting coupon, refunding or bargain sites may, at first, seem

like visiting a foreign country. You see phrases such as:

GDA! BBW B&M BOGO on soaps, HTH

And you think WHAT? Huh? What are they talking about? What

language is THAT?

(Translation: Good Deal Alert! Bath & Body Works

brick-and-mortar store has buy-one-get-one on soaps, hope this


I mean, it’s enough to make you want to TYHO!

(Tear Your Hair Out – I made that one up.)

Before you click away in frustration, let me reassure you that

it IS possible to speak like a native – you just need a guide to

the terminology, acronyms, abbreviations, definitions and common

word usage found on rebate and premium product lists, coupon and

online code lists, and refunding and trading forums.

Each site you visit may have its own particular phrases, but

generally speaking the most common terms are found in the list



B&M = Brick & Mortar

B1G1F = Buy One Get One Free

BOGO = (the same as B1G1), Buy One, Get One (usually free)

C/O = Cash Off or Cents Off

CPN = Coupon

CRT = Cash Register Tape

CSR = Customer Service Reps

CVS = A pharmacy/drug store like Rite-Aid

DB = Dear/Darling/Darn Brother

DCRT = Dated Cash Register Receipt

DD* = Dear/Darling/Darn Daughter

DG = Dear/Darling/Darn Girlfriend

DH = Dear/Darling/Darn Husband

DND = Do Not Double

DS* = Dear/Darling/Darn Son

DUPES = Duplicates

DW = Dear/Darling/Darn Wife

EB = Extra Bucks (CVS)

ECB = Extra Care Bucks (CVS)

ESR = Easy Saver Rebate (Walgreens monthly rebate)

FAB = From another Board

GC = Gift Certificate

GDA = Good deal alert

GWP = Gift With Purchase

H/F = Handling Fee

HT/HGT = Hang tag

ISO = In Search Of

LMK = Let Me Know

LOL = Laughing Out Loud and/or Lots of Luck

LPG = Lower Price Guarantee

LSASE = Long self addressed stamped envelope

MIB = Mint in Box

MIL = Mother-in-Law

MMV = Mileage May Vary

MS = Mystery Shopper

NAZ = Name Address Zip code

NED = No expiration date

NIB = New in box

NOCC = No Credit Card

NWOT = New WithOut Tags

NWT = New With Tags

OBO = Or Best Offer

PLMK = Please let me know

POB = Post Office Box

POP = Proof of Purchase

PP = Purchase Price

PPHF = PayPal Handling fee

PREM (Premium) = An item received from a refund offer.

PSTG = Postage

Qualifier (Q)= Proof of Purchase.

RAOK = Random Act of Kindness

RP = Rewards Programs

SAHM = Stay At Home Mom

SASE = Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

SMP = Specially Marked Packages

TMF = Try Me Free

TOS = Terms of Service

TTFN = Ta ta for now

TY/ty = Thank you

UNL = Unlimited

UPC = Universal Product Code

W/L or WL= Wish list

WAHM = Work at home mom

Winetags = coupons found around the neck of a wine bottle

YMMV = Your Merchandise (or Mileage) May Vary

* (Add an S for step _ so DSD is Dear/Darling/Darn Step-Daughter)

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Shopping for a New Water Heater

If your water heater is getting older, it’s a good idea to shop for a replacement before you run out of hot water, or worse… wake up ankle-deep in it!

Take note of the energy sources available to you, and the amount of hot water you expect to use. Not every form of energy will work with every kind of heating appliance and some work slower than others. Tanks work with solar, electricity, oil and gas (natural or propane) but tankless units work with only electricity and gas sources. Heat pumps use only electricity.

Estimate how much hot water your household uses during peak hours and look for a heater with a first hour rating (FHR) that meets your demand. A licensed plumber is the best person to make this calculation and help you choose the right size.

Hot water can add up to 25% of your energy bill, so be sure to choose an energy efficient heating appliance.

Storage tank

This is the most common in residential applications, heating and storing hot water until needed. When you open a faucet, the released hot water is replaced by incoming cold water, which is heated and stored again at a temperature controlled by one or more thermostats in the tank.

Storage tanks are simple, maintenance-free and relatively inexpensive to install – but due to constant reheating they use energy 24/7 even if you’re not running any hot water. Electrically heated tanks can be covered with an insulating blanket to help save energy, but not gas or oil-fired tanks.


Tankless water heaters, also known as “on demand” heaters, heat water without a storage tank, using energy only when needed – rather than maintaining a tank of hot water. Sometimes individual units are used in a number of locations throughout a house, but most newer homes have one high-output tankless heater to supply hot water throughout the home.

Due to the storage volume of hot water tanks, and the high-output nature of tankless heaters, both are commonly used for heating a home with in-floor radiant systems or through a radiator coil in a forced-air heating system.

Heat pump (hybrid)

Heat pump water heaters are not directly heated. They use electricity to pump heat from the air or the ground to your water tank, using less energy than traditional water heaters.

You can install a standalone heat pump water heater or combine your water heater with your heating and cooling system, employing an air or ground source heat pump. Although installation costs are higher, heat pump water heaters cost less to run over the longer term.


Solar collectors can be used to harness the sun’s energy and heat your water almost for free! Solar water heaters use a primary tank for storing pre-heated water before it is transferred to a conventional hot water tank, operating on electricity, gas or oil.

Solar collectors can be installed on roofs or on stands at ground level. Shop for a better quality, energy efficient model which will last longer and save money.

Features to Consider

  • Warranty: Typically three to twelve years. Purchase prices are closely tied to warranties, and longer warrantied water heaters tend to be better built and better insulated. In addition to choosing a water heater with a good warranty, check consumer reporting websites and reviews from individual owners.

  • Anti-scale devices: Although scale can shorten the life of a water heater, you don’t need to invest in extra features to get a dependable water heater. Just buy a good quality tank with a good warranty.

  • Brass vs. plastic drain valves: Near the base of the water heater, these valves are used to periodically drain sediment from the bottom of a tank. Brass drain valves are more durable than plastic.

  • Glass-lined tanks: Are designed to minimize corrosion.

  • Digital displays: Easily monitor and control the operation of your tank; set the temperature of the water, set a vacation mode and other functions.

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The Successful Fitness Professional’s Marketing and Advertising Secrets

There are more fitness professionals, gyms, fitness centers, and exercise options for consumers than ever. There are more social media posts, tweets, and pins and less time than ever to view them. Essentially you’re going to be paying more money for fewer eyeballs on your print persuasion or your radio or TV ads than ever before.

It means you’re going to have to be more effective with every piece that you prepare. Whether you’re talking about a shoestring budget and a grassroots campaign or you’re placing ads and direct mailing regularly you want to make sure you’re getting response. Here’s a tiplist to help.

1. Your ad is targeted at a customer and their situation specically. Gone are the days when you can throw out a special discount on a service or product without attention-grabbing reasons to buy it.

2. There is a call to action. Examples include: call now, click here now, and stop in today before it’s too late. Your customer needs to know exactly what you want them to do next. Tell them.

3. There is urgency. Offer good until midnight on Friday. Scarcity can be a part of urgency by including a limited number of openings. Act now: there are three left.

4. Provide reciprocity. Stop in for your free gift today. First fifty attendees receive a free t-shirt. Click here for your free report now.

5. Headlines that grab attention and pull the customer in. You have about two seconds while a customer decides to open or not open your email or to continue reading the fine print of your flyer. It better be good since its competing with a full inbox, the kids, a dog, dinner and yoga.

6. Clear beats clever. Your reading level should be between 5th and 8th grade. It should be absolutely clear what the offer is describing and why your reader should care or continue to pay attention. The reader is thinking, I’m busy, why should I bother?

7. Eye Flow is effortless. In ads or graphics where there’s no where for your eye to land, the reader gets tired and either frustrated or bored. Make sure that you’re landing spot for the eye is planned and what you want. Ideally you have the placement such that the call to action button is where they land. It helps if it’s a different color.

8. Include images. Make sure, however, that your images are relevant. If you show an image of an attractive thin 22-year-old red-head, yes that may attract the most eyeballs. If your target market is 60 and gray-haired you’ll have lost her before you pitched.

9. Talk the way they talk. If a customer asks for nutrition counseling, by all means advertise using those words. Usually though they talk about fat, weight loss, thunder thighs or bellyfat. If you want them to hear you, speak their language.

10. Test it. Even if you’ve checked off all these components you can get it wrong. The list above is the science. Pulling them together in a way that works is an art. So create two ads, or two newsletters, and test one element. When you decide which has the most response take that and use it or perform yet another test, changing another single element.

If you do this, chances are because the majority of fitness businesses do not unless they’ve hired someone to come in and consult with them, you will set yourself apart. You will naturally attract a better quality customer.

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3 Surprising Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Push Marketing and Advertising to the Next Level

Artificial intelligence is going to change everything we do in advertising and marketing, but not in the way we think. The truth is that if used correctly, RPA software and intelligent machine learning can give companies and agencies the power to provide extraordinary experiences for customers. The kind of campaigns that move the customer on an emotional level.

After all, that is the key to a loyal customer base. The people who come back again and again because they know on a gut level that a business understands them. Steve Jobs saw this after a calligraphy class inspired his design for the iconic mac fonts. Creativity and intelligent automation seem like the furthest concepts from one another, but in fact, they are intrinsically connected.

We are currently drowning in a sea of data. This data contains valuable information about consumer preferences, their likes, and dislikes. The key to creating something that consumers truly want. Even giants, such as holding companies dedicate a massive amount of resources to crunching the numbers.

Combining AI with creativity can open up a whole new field of marketing and advertising. There are three ways this can take shape, and they are all interconnected.

Targeted Experiences – when you add AI to the marketing mix, it opens up a whole new category in the funnel. This means curated experiences for every different type of customer in the market. Capturing Millenials and Baby Boomers with the same campaign, using powerful messaging that appeal to each group. This isn’t the stuff of tomorrow. Many agencies are already deploying AI technologies to their advantage and producing creative that works across the board. According to Entrepreneur, AI will help companies target customers more accurately and place budget dollars where they belong.

Tighter Budgets – speaking of dollars, the analytical power of AI software will help solve one of the most age-old problems in advertising. Funding campaigns that deliver on ROI and help companies take calculated risks that pay off. Marketing and creative wants the budgets to be higher, and businesses want to cut costs. There is no “right” or “wrong” party here. A large part of advertising is trial and error, but that means wasted money. However, when businesses and agencies use intelligent machine learning software to analyze customer data, a lot of the guesswork goes out the window. This creates a positive feedback loop, where money can flow to the projects that need it and build richer marketing experiences.

A Marriage of Creative and Data – any marketing manager worth their salt knows that the best creative is made possible by data and analytics. Machine learning algorithms are making this symbiotic loop stronger. They perform elaborate functions without slowing down the customer experience. This allows creative teams to get fast feedback, giving businesses time to change their approach and become agile. Instead of waiting for analysis to determine if a campaign is resonating, with MLA’s, companies can get results almost in real time.

Don Draper would have killed for the kind of value AI can add to creative. It’s a chance to leave the guesswork behind and make more impactful campaigns. Like it or not, advertising and marketing are just one of the many fields AI is going to change.

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Celebrating An Italian Heritage In East Harlem, New York: Part 2 Of A 3 Part Series

Nonna and the Importance of Family

Let’s not forget the traditional Sunday family gathering at nonna’s house in the old neighborhood. Hmmmm…delizioso. The inviting aromas of freshly made pasta and homemade meatballs and sausages greeted you as you entered her kitchen. While they cooked, nonna would simmer her remarkable home-made sauce in a pan, adding basil and garlic. The nonna (an Italian grandmother) is an extraordinarily unique person in the lives of her family. Boy could she cook. Everything she put on the table was made from scratch, no matter how long it took, she loved every minute of it. She could tell when the spices were just right by sight and taste, how dough looked when it was ready for the raviolis, pastas and lasagna, creating a variety of delicious Italian dishes from the old country, enjoyed with a nice bottle of home-made wine.

“Mangia, Mangia” (eat, eat) she would say, standing by the table with a smile on her face, watching her children devour everything. It was a delightful moment for her. Nothing was ever left on the plate, especially after the crusty bread wiped it clean. The satisfied look on her family’s faces was all the reward that she needed for a hard day’s work.

The nonna has always devoted her life to her husband and children. Her Italian heritage brought her immense pride. She tried to instill in her children and grandchildren those same family values and traditions that were held sacred in the old world. She could not understand why her children were so different from her when this was not the way she raised them. Their ways of thinking, their lack of respect, their dress, their lifestyle practices, their choices of recreation and entertainment, and above all, failure to preserve the Italian language unsettled her terribly. They had become so Americanized, which sometimes created conflicts between them. In her broken English she would express her displeasure. They would roll their eyes, responding annoyingly: “Ma’, you’re in America now, not in Italy. Give it a rest.” Nonetheless, she passionately loved her family and cared very much about her fellow-man. The nonna was an instrument of Italian tradition and culture.

At the end of the day in the quietness of her room, nonna would sit by her dimly lit lamp, eyes closed, a picture of sweet serenity, praying with her rosary beads in hand. Bringing her rosary beads to her lips to kiss them, she would wipe her tears and bend her head again, moving her lips in silent prayer to the Madonna, asking her blessing for her family’s well-being.

Tearing of the Fabric

The advent of the public housing projects after World War II disrupted the peaceful life and relationships of thousands of Italian Harlem residents, demolishing the tenements which housed them. The demolition of block after block began tearing apart the interwoven fabric of Italian Harlem. Not only were the tenements demolished but 1500 retail stores, mostly owned by Italians, were run out of business, leaving 4,500 people without jobs. Only three notable Italian owned businesses from that era, Patsy’s Pizzeria, Rao’s Restaurant (where famous celebrities still dine) and Claudio’s Barbershop are still operating to this day. Thus, a steady migration of Italian Americans began moving away from East Harlem. The split became unbearable for many families and close friends, torn apart to make way for progress. Others, benefiting from the improvement in the American economy, moved from East Harlem to the suburban areas of New York City.

So now I ask you “How did this neighborhood of East Harlem become known as Italian Harlem and why have the Italian religious feasts such as our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Feast of the Dance of the Giglio become so important for this neighborhood? A question we will try to answer as we move forward.

Italian Immigration To America

Industrialization and the establishment of the factory system throughout America offered promise of employment to the destitute masses in Europe. Most industrialists in America depended on cheap European labor to man the factories. Meanwhile during the 1800’s, Harlem was developing all sorts of transportation projects in an effort to promote northward expansion. America was expanding, growing, and integrating itself from one community to the other. In Harlem, these transportation projects attracted many immigrant wage laborers from many different ethnic cultures, mostly during the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Between the years of 1876-1924, more than 4.5 million Italians arrived in the United States. Many settled in the Mulberry Bend neighborhood of lower Manhattan, others fanned out across the country. The vast majority of Italian Immigrants who remained in Mulberry Bend were extremely poor and lived in appalling conditions.

Worship and Its Conflicts for the Early Italian Immigrant

Worship was extremely valuable to the Italian community. They were overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. Having the right to worship in their neighborhood wasn’t easy. Most of the established Catholic churches within East Harlem were already accommodating the spiritual needs of the Irish population that dominated the area at that time. In the United States, the Church has always catered to the Irish as an institution, though it ministered to other European immigrant nationalities as well. Early Italian immigrants were considered a minority and treated as second class. Since they were not Americanized or couldn’t speak English as the Irish did, they and their spiritual needs were overlooked because they were seen as foreigners.

As Italians began arriving by the thousands, flooding East Harlem mostly between the early 1880’s and 1920’s, many would flock to the Catholic churches in the area. “When the Italian families appeared to attend services in the predominantly Irish parishes they were subjected to a barrage of insults and even beatings.” These early immigrant families, exceedingly poor, living under appalling conditions in a crowded slum-like district, earning the lowest wages from the least skilled jobs, were denied the opportunity to celebrate mass or partake of Holy sacraments in the sanctuary. Their worship was restricted to church basement services or a first floor apartment, when they were able to get a priest who spoke their language.

Meanwhile in 1882 the natives of Polla, a city in the Province of Salerno in Italy, began gathering to celebrate their hometown patroness, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, in East Harlem. The feast is held on July 16. This religious event was humbly initiated in the front yard of a residence at East 110th Street and First Avenue.

As a result of the feast, which grew each year, a sense of community began to grow. A local emerging political figure by the name of Antonio Petrucci was instrumental in fanning the flame of passion. He organized a club called “Congregazione del Monte Carmelo.” He also assisted the Italian Immigrants in finding a place where they could worship. The rental of a first floor apartment on East 111th Street, just west of First Avenue, became the chapel of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. It is said that Petrucci even bought a statue of her, a replica of the one venerated in Polla, which was imported from Italy. The figure was dressed in extremely brocaded robes. The statue’s light weight structure made it possible for her to be carried in the procession of the feast.

Reverend Emiliano Kirner, a Pallottine Father, was the first priest that was sent in May of 1884 to specifically cater to the Italian community of East Harlem’s spiritual needs. Mass was celebrated at the chapel for the first time in 1884 on Easter Sunday.

Father Emiliano Kirner played a pivotal role in encouraging the Italian Immigrants to provide the Madonna with a decent home, a church. The Italians were fired up by the suggested project. Land was purchased at 115th Street, the foundation was laid in September, and by the beginning of December, the lower church in the basement was finished and ready for service. Nonetheless, the Italian communities were thrilled because it was “their parish.” The upper part of the church was finished in 1887. This church was literally built by Italian craftsmen after coming home from their arduous jobs with the help of Father Kirner, who joined the workforce.

In part 3 of this series we will examine the all important progression of the celebration of religious feasts by the Italian community of East Harlem.

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Benefits of Leisure and Recreation

Although it may not seem so, in reality, Leisure and Recreation is the largest industry in the world. The benefits of leisure and recreation as an important part of life are easy to see. As an industry, it offers a variety of related employment and creates billions of dollars in revenue. Workers in parks and recreation, community agencies, sports agencies, youth development organizations, non-profit organizations, rehab and hospital agencies, the travel and entertainment industries all utilize and benefit from parks and recreation facilities world-wide. Additional benefits of leisure and recreation include environmental improvements from expanding green spaces, health benefits, and personal satisfaction benefits.

There are many civic benefits of leisure and recreation activities. Sports and youth activities offer leadership development for adults and children. Strong communities are built as parks become a hub of community life. Benefits extend to all ages, childhood, youth, young adults, families, and seniors. Both care for environment and wellness through green spaces are enhanced by beauty. This same beauty helps combat stress through the opportunity for mild exercise and mediation upon natural beauty. Wilderness experiences are available in some locations.

For personal benefits, leisure activities may include:








Family Bonding

Physical benefits include increased lung capacity from sports participation, plus reducing serum cholesterol and hypertension, increasing bone mass, strengthening the spine, reducing disease, increase in feelings of well being, reduction in stress hormones, improved attitudes and performances, and improved social skills. For childhood development, recreational areas assist in learning, can keep kids off the streets, and enhance their confidence. Studies confirm that physical activity can aid the learning process in children. Sports activities enhance large motor skill development and social skills. Adult leaders offer positive role models to children. Group sports are well known for promoting social support, networking, and developing friendships.

As if all the above is not enough to encourage support of leisure and recreational activities, consider the following additional benefits:

Stress management – the mild stress of leisure activity can reduce overall negative stress by contributing to relaxation.

Self esteem – especially in children and seniors, mild exercise, group activities, and hobbies and crafts will help create positive self images.

Positive lifestyle development – contributing to society, social interaction, development of leaders, being part of organized sports all encourage good lifetime activities.

Personal satisfaction – any creative outlet will enhance personal satisfaction. Being part of the leadership offers self satisfaction, and those who work in the recreational areas can feel the pride in keeping these areas vital and available to others.

Quality of life – fresh air, sunshine, social interaction, health benefits and self esteem all will improve quality of life.

Preventative health – regular exercise, physiological benefits from mild exercise, and stress reduction all are made easier by having leisure and recreational activities readily available.

Since the future seems to be headed for a shorter work week and more extra time, support of leisure and recreational outlets and locations would be prudent, and benefit all involved.

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The Entertainment Value of Good Movies

As many regional language and Hollywood film makers keep coming up with new releases, and those who wish to watch new movies easily get their selection information either through television advertisements or through internet websites, which promote advertisements in the form of trailers. This method of choosing movies is very convenient and useful for people to get entertained. Good movies provide lots of fun, comedy, entertainment and recreation for the viewers. Many viewers seek suspense stories or family films which are suitable for all age groups of people.

With movies being the biggest source of entertainment these days, people find great satisfaction and happiness by watching both older and more recently released films. For instance, Shrek and Chicken Little are animated movies which earned a great amount of revenue at the box office during their initial release. These films continue to get telecasted on the television channels and viewers continue to watch them and never get bored. Therefore, good entertainment can be found in the form of good, quality films. Ghost Rider is a thriller and there is a lot of action storyline in the movie which had led to its success.

Sherlock Holmes which is a detective movie is being hailed as an all-time successful movie with millions of people around the world watching it, contributing to its excellent rating.

Based on this, good films have lots of benefits and the movie industry is steadily working on new releases to please hungry viewers.

In every part of the world, movie viewers can now have access via the internet and other mediums to DVD movies, VCD movies, and made for television movies. As technology advancements are made, the benefits of movies are expanding and they are offering increased entertainment to movie viewers.

At this point, it is important to say that working and college-going young people can draw a lot of enjoyment by watching movies further contributing to the industries success. In the past, and in the present massively successful movies continue to be released.

Audiences always receive a good solid message from good, quality films which continue to earn favor from the them. Based on this, if you get bored or would like to relax, you can always watch a good movie after ensuring that you like the storyline. You can share it with your friends and neighbors and can even rate the movie on internet. In conclusion, it is recommended not to miss the experience of watching good, quality movies.

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Top Reasons For Opting For Pool Removal

Swimming as an activity offers numerous benefits. It’s a great workout for people of all ages. Likewise, it can improve overall health by outworking certain illnesses and developing strength. It even serves as an advantage in military combat situations. All in all, it’s a great activity, as well as a much-loved pastime.

Because of all the benefits it offers, it’s no wonder a lot of homeowners have a pool installed in their property. It’s a very convenient arrangement – no more driving to the community pool and packing clothes and toiletries. With a pool at home, they can get their workout, and even their recreation and entertainment,at any time of the day.

However, having a swimming pool at home is a huge responsibility. It’s costly to maintain and it’s crucial to make it safe as all sorts of accidents may happen if you have a pool, particularly if you have really young children running around. This is why over the years, many of those who initially enjoyed having a pool in their backyard have decided to remove this property feature.

A pool removal, removalists say, may seem like a downgrade at first since swimming and pool parties are fun activities, but there’s also so much that you can gain from no longer having a pool. Hence, a lot of homeowners today are opting for pool removal for reasons such as follows:

– To reduce your property maintenance expenses, especially during the changes in season. You no longer have to hire professional pool cleaners and pay a huge amount of money for your water consumption.

– To avoid worrying about the little ones (as well as the pets) falling into the water when you’re not looking.

– To get a garden instead that will not only visually transform space but also make the space functional. You can grow not just ornamental plants but also organic edibles that your family can consume.

– To have a place for entertaining. That amount of space can hold outdoor furniture and other features. You can have an outdoor dining area and even a safe space for bonfires during the summer and winter.

– To have an open space that can also serve as a playground for the pets and kids. They can run around and play all sorts of lawn games.

There’s no shortage of things you can do with the space you’ll get once you have the pool removed. So if you have decided to have your pool removed, seek help from an expert in pool removal.

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Technology And Entertainment – How Well They Go Together

The entertainment industry is now totally dependent on the use of technology. Their target was to meet challenges of the 21st century and adaptation of technology thus became inevitable. This adaptation was though for good because it did a lot of good to the industry as well.

The reach to the global audience in the first place was possible because of the advancement in technology. The technology to some extent flourished because of the entertainment industry. The advancement in graphics technology and animation is a living proof. The animation industry certainly boomed due to increasing popular demand. The animated cartoons are equally popular among children and adults. The makers of animation films now try to make a storyline that even elders can enjoy. This all shows the power and potential of this industry and animation is a large share of this large industry.

This whole game goes to a whole new level when it comes to film making. The market share expands beyond boundaries. Blockbuster movies are released in almost 100 different languages and eventually the revenue collection is simply through the roof. The SFX industry has also boomed in a very short time span and has lead to some serious amount of job creation. The need for technicians, professionals and latest gadgetry has created a whole new industry. It is like the folds of onion, layer after layer new industries emerge due to the emergence of latest technologies. This shows the potential the entertainment industry has and its ever-increasing use in filmmaking.

The latest sensation when it comes to the video gaming world – the Wii – has created a large fan base for an entirely new industry in gaming seventh-generation console. The number of people opting for this form of entertainment astounded production companies as well. The reason that many explain behind its large-scale adaptation is carving of generation x for latest gadgetry and their proximity with it.

The use of technology within the recreation industry is a very good omen. Anything that has entertainment value its reach is beyond boundaries and borders. It quickly becomes a universal property because recreation in itself is a universal concept. The technology has played a very vital role in exploring the horizons of different recreational concepts. The socio-economic impact of recreation industry would not be that severe if it was not backed by technology. The use of technology has completely changed the meaning of recreation. The change is though for better otherwise generations would have remained deprived of what we have seen and what we will see in future.

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What Your Online Shopping Agent Should Offer You

Online shopping is the norm today; it offers lots of convenience and it has actually managed to eliminate geographical barriers that could come between buyers and sellers. But considering that you may not have the chance to check out items that you buy online, you will want to choose a shopping platform and an agent that you can trust in with the quality and condition of the items. Not everything online is worth what it is claimed to be and hence you need to be extra careful with your online shopping.

By looking closely at your online agent, you will increase your chances of ending up with the exact items that you wanted and in the best quality for that matter. Think about a few elements when choosing an online shopping platform and you will have a good experience with every order you place.

Professionalism and reliability

Your online agent should be in a position to offer you any kind of help that you could need to make the shopping experience a breeze. Your questions should be answered and all details put in the clear for you even as far as fees and other charges go. If you are not sure what items are better than which, your agent should be able to help you make the best decisions especially in terms of the quality.

Quality checks

The last thing you want as a buyer is to get items that are damaged. It is up to your online agent to check the quality of the items being shipped and ensure that you will indeed receive them in the colors and styles that you choose when ordering. This also means that the online agent should only post high quality photos of the items so you do not end up getting all color confused or getting something that is not in the color you thought it was in. Find out what quality check measures the agent takes to make your orders just right.

Proper storage, repackaging and shipping

After you buy, the items need to reach you on time. Your shopping agent should therefore have a workable strategy to make sure this happens and that you are happy in the end. In case you do not want the items shipped right away, you should enjoy storage. The storage period should be long enough to accommodate other items that you may need to buy so you can have them all repackaged together to reduce shipping costs. The shipping costs should also be reasonably priced and structured in a way that is bound to be convenient for you.

Convenient and safe payment

Online transactions are quite risky and your online shopping agent should therefore offer you only the safest and convenient modes of payment. A good agent will actually have more than one payment options so you are flexible enough to choose the mode that you find more secure and convenient. The transaction fees should also be reasonable with regards to the amount payable.

Prompt customer support

Whether you are trying to find your way around the shopping platform or you are waiting for your bought items to be shipped to where you are, you deserve to be attended to at any given time. Your shopping agent should therefore be there to answer your questions and keep you updated on the process so you have peace of mind all through. Find out the contact channels the agent has availed to you and what measures are in place to make ensure that you get all the assistance you could need when using the online platform.

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